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Oxford Capacity Analysis

I’m taking on the job no one wants of illustrating the entire list of questions belonging to the Oxford Capacity Analysis, also known as the American Personality Test, which is administered for free by the Church of Scientology.

I’ve decided to finally put to proper use all the visually interesting material I have amounted over the years; this is my literal baggage that I need to sort through in a conceptual way and stop carrying around, much in the same way the crooks performing the test hope for their subject to sift through their personality in arriving at their answers.

There are 200 questions, each one strangely vague and specific at the same time, and each designed for you to arrive at significant, uncomfortable junctions in your brain at every instance, where everything you’ve ever experienced has an effect on the answer of YES or NO.

I aim to use as much of everything I’ve ever experienced and collected as I make my way through this ‘free personality analysis’ and come out the other side ‘clear’.

1. Do you make thoughtless remarks or accusations which later you regret?