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Jack Cullis has worked as a waiter, a barista, an usher, a barman, a teaching assistant, a hamper packer, a race marshall, a gallery assistant, an artist in residence, an education volunteer, a creative engagement employee, a pet portrait artist, a fashion photographer, a filmmaker, a multidisciplinary designer, an illustrator, and an artist. He has been making things for people and things.

Jack embraces every aspect of physical material used and collated to reach a final image, and with it makes something that has already lived a few lives by the time it is seen. These are things made from other things, instead of other things. The work must mean something, or it might make you feel something, but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes things just look nice. Sometimes things are simply odd. Move on to the next thing, but come back and check.

The work involves projects contributing to important causes such as mental health and the environment, as well as intriguing odds and ends found down the back of the world sofa. He approaches commissioned work with the belief that no piece should look like any other, and that whilst erratic, his images find peace and balance in appearing exactly as they should. 

This is what Jack has been working on.

As well as many other things, yes.


Please get In touch for commissions, collaborations and general enquiries.

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Jack is working, and not working.